Leeney, R.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Environmental Impact Assessments for Wave Energy Developments - Learning from Existing Activities and Informing Future Research Priorities Leeney, R., Greaves, D., Conley, D. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wave Fish, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Marine Megavertebrates of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly: Relative Abundance and Distribution Leeney, R., Witt, M., Broderick, A. Journal Article Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
SOWFIA Deliverable D.2.1: Catalogue of Wave Energy Test Centres Mora-Figueroa, V., Olivares, C., Holmes, B. Report Wave, Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
SOWFIA Deliverable D 3.1: Inventory of Environmental Impact Monitoring Activities at Wave & Tidal Energy Sites in Europe Final Report Conley, D., Leeney, R., Greaves, D. Report Marine Energy, Wave Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
SOWFIA: Learning from Impact Assessments of European wave energy developments O'Hagan, A., Leeney, R., Conley, D. Report Wave, Marine Energy Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Marine Megavertebrates and Fishery Resources in the Nantucket Sound – Muskeget Channel Area: Assessing Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy Installations on Marine Megavertebrates - Recommendations for the Proposed Muskeget Channel Tidal Energy Project Leeney, R., Nichols, O., Sette, L. Report Marine Energy, Tidal Collision, Habitat Change, Noise Seabirds, Fish, Demersal Fish, Pelagic Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals, Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, Sea Turtles