Evans, P.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Study to examine the impact of climate change on seabird species off the east coast of Scotland and potential implications for environmental assessments Searle, K., Waggitt, J., Evans, P. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Birds, Seabirds
Potential climate-driven changes to seabird demography: implications for assessments of marine renewable energy development Searle, K., Butler, A., Waggitt, J. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Displacement Birds, Seabirds, Human Dimensions, Climate Change
Attributing seabirds at sea to appropriate breeding colonies and populations Butler, A., Carroll, M., Searle, K. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Birds, Seabirds
Matches and Mismatches Between Seabird Distributions Estimated From At-Sea Surveys and Concurrent Individual-Level Tracking Carroll, M., Wakefield, E., Scragg, E. Journal Article Birds, Seabirds
Scottish Waters East Region Regional Sectoral Marine Plan Strategic Ornithology Study: final report Searle, K., Butler, A., Mobbs, D. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Birds, Seabirds, Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Tidal range energy resource and optimization - Past perspectives and future challenges Neill, S., Angeloudis, A., Robins, P. Journal Article Tidal, Marine Energy
Regional-Scale Patterns in Harbour Porpoise Occupancy of Tidal Stream Environments Waggitt, J., Dunn, H., Evans, P. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal
Abundance and Behaviour of Cetaceans and Basking Sharks in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Evans, P., Baines, M., Coppock, J. Report Marine Mammals, Fish, Cetaceans
Habitat Preferences and Interannual Variability in Occurrence of the Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena off Northwest Scotland Marubini, F., Gimona, A., Evans, P. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
The Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals Boyd, I., Brownell, B., Cato, D. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Offshore Wind Farms and Marine Mammals: Impacts and Methodologies for Assessing Impacts Evans, P. Workshop Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Marine Mammals, Cetaceans, Pinnipeds
Atlas of Cetacean distribution in north-west European waters Reid, J., Evans, P., Northridge, S. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind, Floating Offshore Wind Marine Mammals