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What Drives Attitudes towards Marine Renewable Energy Development in Island Communities in the UK? de Groot, J., Bailey, I. April 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Socio-economics, Stakeholder Engagement
Review of Consenting Processes for Ocean Energy in Selected European Union Member States Simas, T., et al. April 2015 Journal Article Marine Energy general Socio-economics
SOWFIA Deliverable D.4.6 - Final Work Package Report: Consenting Procedures Review with Guidelines for Expansion to Larger Projects and Approval Process Streamlining, Incorporating the Findings of Interim Report and Feedback from Workshop D Simas, T., et al. November 2013 Report Marine Energy general, Wave Socio-economics, Legal and Policy
SOWFIA Enabling Wave Power: Streamlining Processes for Progress Greaves, D., et al. September 2013 Report Marine Energy general, Wave Socio-economics
SOWFIA Deliverable D.4.4 Interim Report: Critical Environmental Impacts for Relevant Socio-economic Activities and Mitigation Measures Including Main Conclusions and Feedback Analysis from Workshop B and Analysis of the Stakeholder Survey Simas, T., et al. August 2013 Report Marine Energy general, Wave Socio-economics
SOWFIA Deliverable 2.6 - Work Package 2 Final Report: Report on the Analysis of the Work Package 2 Findings Regarding Barriers and Accelerators of Wave Energy O'Callaghan, J., et al. May 2013 Report Marine Energy general, Wave
Understanding the Role of Stakeholders in the Wave Energy Consenting Process: Engagement and Sensitivities Simas, T., et al. October 2012 Conference Paper Marine Energy general, Wave Socio-economics, Stakeholder Engagement
National Policy Framework for Marine Renewable Energy within the United Kingdom Vantoch-Wood, A., et al. May 2012 Report Marine Energy general Socio-economics, Legal and Policy
Out of Sight but Not out of Mind? Public Perceptions of Wave Energy Bailey, I., West, J., Whitehead, I. June 2011 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wave Static Device Socio-economics
Streamlining of Ocean Wave Farms Impact Assessment (SOWFIA) October 2010 Research Study Annex IV Marine Energy general, Wave Energy Removal Socio-economics
Stakeholder Perceptions of the Wave Hub Development in Cornwall, UK. West, J., Bailey, I., Whithead, I. September 2009 Conference Paper Offshore Wind Stakeholder Engagement
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