Coelho, H.

Name: Helena CoelhoHelena Coelho
Background: Consultant
Organization: Bioinsight
Department: Operational and R&D
Interest: Environmental Impact Assessment, Post assessment, Biodiversity management, Ecosystem services valuation
Country: Portugal

About Me:

PhD in Biology and a BSc in Science Coastal Zone, I'm currently working as a Consultant in EIA for Renewable Energy Projects. Over the past 15 years I've participated in the development and coordination of environmental monitoring studies, environmental impact assessment, post assessment, land use, biodiversity management, ecosystem services valuation and R&D projects applied to biodiversity.

During my professional experience I have acquired competences on team and project managing, focused to help clients to achieve the best solutions and the development of sustainable projects. 

I'm also an author and co-author of more than 18 scientific publications in international journals (peer review) and I actively participated in the development of innovative protocols in the application of non-destructive optical methods in ecological and ecophysiological studies. I'm also following the developments and application of the European Community’s Water and Marine Strategy Directive. I was also a PhD Collaborator of CESAM (Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies) integrating the Marine and Estuarine Ecology research group until 2015.

I'm involved on WREN since 2019 and I was part of the Local Organizing Committee of CWW2017 (Lisbon, PT).


Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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