The Birds of Blyth Harbour

Conference Paper

Title: The Birds of Blyth Harbour
Publication Date:
June 15, 1994
Conference Name: 16th Annual Conference of the British Wind Energy Association
Conference Location: Stirling, UK
Pages: 241-248
Publisher: Mechanical Engineering Pubs. Ltd.

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Still, D.; Little, B.; Lawrence, S.; Carver, H. (1994). The Birds of Blyth Harbour. Paper Presented at the 16th Annual Conference of the British Wind Energy Association, Stirling, UK.

Blyth Harbour Wind Farm, constructed upon an exposed pier, is not a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is designated to become a RAMSAR location because of the presence of a significant population of the Purple Sandpiper. A study of the effect of the wind farm on the birds was started before the wind farm was constructed and is ongoing. Initial evidence of how the wind turbines have affected the 110 varieties of birds recorded within the harbour will be presented and compared to previous research carried out in Europe and the USA. Methodology has included intensive beach surveys, visits to wind farms in the UK and USA and consultations with wildlife advisory bodies. The study will continue until 1996. 

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