WT-Bird: Bird Collision Recording for Offshore Wind Farms

Conference Paper

Title: WT-Bird: Bird Collision Recording for Offshore Wind Farms
Publication Date:
November 22, 2004
Conference Name: European Wind Energy Conference
Conference Location: London, UK
Pages: 5

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Wiggelinkhuizen, E.; Rademakers, L.; Barhorst, S.; den Boon, H.; Dirksen, S.; Schekkerman, H. (2004). WT-Bird: Bird Collision Recording for Offshore Wind Farms. Paper Presented at the European Wind Energy Conference, London, UK.

A new method for monitoring of bird collisions has been developed using video and audio registrations that are triggered by sound and vibration measurements. Remote access to the recorded images and sounds makes it possible to count the number of collisions as well as to identify the species. After the successful proof of principle and evaluation on small land-based turbines the system is now being designed for offshore wind farms. Currently the triggering system and video and audio registration are being tested on large land-based wind turbines using bird dummies. Tests of three complete prototype systems are planned for 2005.

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