South West Marine Energy Park Prospectus


Title: South West Marine Energy Park Prospectus
Publication Date:
January 01, 2012
Pages: 40

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Southwest Marine Energy Park Coalition (2012). South West Marine Energy Park Prospectus. Report by Cornwall Council and Plymouth University. pp 40.

The South West Marine Energy Park (MEP) is a collaborative partnership between local and national government, Local Enterprise Partnerships, technology developers, academia and industry. The core objective of the collaborative is to create a positive business environment that will foster business collaboration, attract investment and accelerate the commercial development of the marine energy sector. Section 1 of the prospectus outlines the structure of the South West MEP and identifies key areas of the programme, including measures to provide access to marine energy resources, prioritize investment in infrastructure, reduce project risk, secure international finance, support enterprise and promote industry collaboration. It also highlights the South West MEP’s intention to work closely with industry, UK government, other regions and national bodies. Section 2 of the prospectus provides more detail on some of the key assets, resources and capabilities that make the South West a natural base for this exciting industry.

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