The Role of Adaptive Management in the Wind Energy Industry

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Title: The Role of Adaptive Management in the Wind Energy Industry
Publication Date:
March 26, 2019
Book Title: Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts
Published City: Cham, Switzerland
Chapter: 1
Pages: 1-25
Publisher: Springer
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Copping, A.; Gartman, V.; May, R.; Bennet, F. (2019). The Role of Adaptive Management in the Wind Energy Industry. Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts (pp. 1-25). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Adaptive management (AM) is a systematic process intended to improve policies and practices and reduce scientific uncertainty by learning from the outcome of management decisions. Although many nations are considering the use of AM for wind energy, its application in practice and in policy has been limited. Recent applications of AM have revealed fundamental differences in the definition of AM, its applications, and the projects or planning processes to which it might be applied. This chapter suggests the need for a common understanding and definition of and framework for AM and its application to wind energy. We discuss a definition of AM and technical guidance created by the United States (US) Department of the Interior’s (DOI’s) Adaptive Management Working Group. The chapter also examines how AM has been applied to wind energy development in several European nations and in the USA. The challenges and opportunities associated with implementation of AM for wind development are addressed, management actions in nations that exhibit attributes of AM are compared, and pathways to appropriate application and potential broader use of AM are explored.


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