Proceedings of the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting IX

Conference Paper

Title: Proceedings of the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting IX
Publication Date:
November 30, 2012
Conference Name: Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting IX
Conference Location: Denver, CO
Pages: 1-175
Publisher: American Wind Wildlife Institute
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American Wind Wildlife Institute (2012). Proceedings of the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting IX. Paper Presented at the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting IX, Denver, CO.

Wind energy is able to generate electricity without many of the environmental impacts (conventional and toxic air pollution and greenhouse gases, water use and pollution, and habitat destruction) associated with other energy sources. This can significantly benefit birds, bats, and many other plant and animal species. However, the direct and indirect local impacts of wind plants on birds and bats continue to be an issue. The populations of many bird and bat species are experiencing long-term declines, due to the effects of a wide range of human activities, including energy production and consumption. These proceedings document current research pertaining to wildlife fatalities; habitat and behavioral impacts; cumulative and landscape-scale impacts to species; mitigation techniques and technologies; and offshore considerations.

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