The Impacts of Wind Power on Terrestrial Mammals - A Synthesis


Title: The Impacts of Wind Power on Terrestrial Mammals - A Synthesis
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August 01, 2012
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Helldin, J.; Jung, J.; Neumann, W.; Olsson, M.; Skarin, A.; Widemo, F. (2012). The Impacts of Wind Power on Terrestrial Mammals - A Synthesis. Report by Vindval. pp 53.

There is a great need for knowledge concerning the impact of wind power on humans and landscapes, the marine environment, birds, bats and other mammals. Previous studies regarding the environmental impacts from wind farms have lacked an overall view of the effects. This has led to deficiencies in the processes of establishing new wind farms. Vindval is a program of knowledge and a cooperation between Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency) and Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency). The purpose of the program is to collect and provide scientific knowledge of wind power impacts on humans and nature. The commission of Vindval extends to 2013.


The program comprises about 30 individual projects and also four so called works of synthesis. Syntheses are prepared by experts which compile and assess the collected results of research and experience regarding the effects of wind power within four different areas – humans, birds/bats, marine life and terrestrial mammals. The results of research and synthesis work will provide a basis for environmental impact assessments and in the processes of planning and permits associated with wind power establishments.


Vindval requires high standards in the work of reviewing and decision making regarding research applications in order to guarantee high quality reports. These high standard works are also carried out during the reporting approval and publication of research results in the projects.


This report was written by Jan Olof Helldin, Jens Jung, Wiebke Neumann, Mattias Olsson, Anna Skarin and Fredrik Widemo, all from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Also Lars Edenius and Jonas Kindberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Niklas Lindberg, Enetjärn Natur AB, participated in the compilation of data and text processing. Jan Olof Helldin was project manager for the synthesis project, which lasted from March 2011 to May 2012.


This report is a translation of the previous report in Swedish ”Vindkraftens effekter på landlevande däggdjur” (Naturvårdsverket report no 6499). The authors are responsible for the content. For correspondence about the report, contact

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