Expansion of Hitra Wind-Power Plant - Consequences Related to Wildlife Except Birds


Title: Expansion of Hitra Wind-Power Plant - Consequences Related to Wildlife Except Birds
Publication Date:
February 01, 2010
Document Number: NINA Report 533
Pages: 30

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Veiberg, V.; Pedersen, H. (2010). Expansion of Hitra Wind-Power Plant - Consequences Related to Wildlife Except Birds. Report by Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). pp 30.

(The majority of the report is in Norwegian. However, there is an abstract in English.)


Hitra wind-power plant today consists of 24 wind turbines located at Eldsfjellet. The power plant was officially opened in October 2004 after approximately one year of construction work. As part of the establishment of the park, 20 km of roads with solid rock foundation was built. In addition, 25 km of earth cable was dug down, and a 10 km power line to Fillan was constructed.


A second building step including between 15 and 25 new turbines and belonging infrastructure, is now being planned. In addition, about 10 km of new power line need to be built between the power plant and a new sub-sea power cable to Tjeldbergodden. One of the alternatives for the enlargement also includes construction of a new service road from the south.


This report evaluates to what extent the present wind-power plant has had detectable consequences for the terrestrial fauna (except avifauna) at Eldsfjellet or in its surroundings. We also look into whether the establishment has had an impact on the hunting activity. Likely consequences of the next building step are evaluated for the same matters as the post-construction investigation.


There are no indications that the construction of Hitra wind-power plant has caused lasting effects on the terrestrial fauna within the area of influence. For red deer, temporary avoidance of influenced areas was registered during the construction period. This was not found to cause reduction neither in the harvest numbers, nor in the hunting related income for the various hunting areas. The construction of roads in relation to the power plant has been beneficial for the red deer hunt in the areas east, north and west of Eldsfjellet. The two suggested alternatives for enlargement of Hitra wind-power plant will to a varying degree affect attractive red deer habitats. These areas are also popular hunting grounds. The expected negative impacts from a power plant enlargement are mainly related to habitat loss due to technical installations and construction of roads. To what extent noise and disturbance from the turbines will cause additional negative influences on the red deer use of the immediate surroundings is uncertain. The suggested enlargements are not assumed to have noticeable effects on any of the other species included in this evaluation of consequences.


Norwegian Title: Etterundersøkingar og konsekvens-utgreiingar for Hitra vindpark (Hitra 2) Naturmiljø med unntak av fugleliv

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