The Effects of Wind Power on Marine Life - A Synthesis


Title: The Effects of Wind Power on Marine Life - A Synthesis
Publication Date:
October 01, 2012
Document Number: 6512
Pages: 92

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Bergström, L.; Kautsky, L.; Malm, T.; Ohlsson, E.; Wahlberg, M.; Rosenberg, R.; Capetillo, N. (2012). The Effects of Wind Power on Marine Life - A Synthesis. Report by Vindval. pp 92.

As in many other countries, an expansion of wind power is expected in Sweden during the coming decades. The expansion is driven by rising prices on electricity and the need for an increased production of renewable energy. Since wind conditions at sea are good and relatively constant, several offshore wind farms are planned in Swedish waters. Offshore wind power with a total effect of about 2500 MW has been granted permission and an additional 5500 MW are being planned for. Examples of granted projects are Storgrundet with an effect of 265 MW, Stora Middelgrund with an effect of 860 MW and Kårehamn with an effect of 48 MW. The largest offshore wind farm in Sweden today is Lillgrund in Öresund, with its 48 turbines with an installed effect of 110 MW.


Prior to this expected expansion, it is important to investigate the environmental impact of offshore wind power, and how possible negative effects can be minimized. This synopsis about the impact of wind power on the marine life in Swedish waters is based on more than 600 studies, most of which are scientific articles, but also reports by companies and authorities.

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