Do birds in flight respond to (ultra)violet lighting?

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Title: Do birds in flight respond to (ultra)violet lighting?
Publication Date:
December 01, 2017
Journal: Avian Research
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Pages: 10
Publisher: Springer

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May, R.; Åström, J.; Hamre, Ø.; Dahl, E. (2017). Do birds in flight respond to (ultra)violet lighting?. Avian Research, 8(1), 10.

Concerns for bird collisions with wind turbines affect the deployment of onshore and offshore wind-power plants. To avoid delays in consenting processes and to streamline the construction and operation phase, functional mitigation measures are required which efficiently reduces bird mortality. Vision is the primary sensory system in birds, which for a number of species also includes the ultraviolet spectrum. Many bird species that are known to collide with offshore wind turbines are sensitive in the violet or ultraviolet spectrum. For species that are mainly active at lower ambient light levels, lighting may deter birds from the lit area. Utilizing (ultra)violet lights may in addition not disturb humans. However, we do not know whether UV-sensitive birds in flight actually respond behaviourally to UV lights.

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