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Wave Dragon Project - Milla Fjord Site

Project Site

Title: Wave Dragon Project - Milla Fjord Site
Technology Type:
Info Updated:
December 02, 2018
Sunken Wreck at Wave Dragon's 'Milla Fjord' Deployment Site (photo courtesy of Wave Dragon)
Project Status: 
Planned project
Overtopping device
Project Scale: 
Full-scale prototype plus commercial array
Installed Capacity: 
Planned up to 112 MW (installed in groups of 28MW)

The Wave Dragon technology is a floating slack moored wave energy converter. The larger versions of Wave Dragon with 4MW or more installed power are moored in relatively deep water to take advantage of the ocean waves before they lose energy as they reach the coastal area. The device allows ocean waves to overtop a ramp, which elevates water to a reservoir above sea level. This artificial ‘head’ of water is subsequently released (through gravity alone) through a large number of propeller turbines and in this way transformed into electricity. The vertical turbines are directly coupled to generators – the rotor axis being the only moving parts of the device. The unit comprises a central reservoir platform, with a doubly curved ramp. Two curved wave reflecting wings which concentrate the power of incoming waves are attached to the platform. The Wave Dragon device is fixed to a forward anchor buoy which is moored through polymer-ropes in combination with chains to six to 10 anchors depending of site and wave climate.


The site is approximately 20km off the Pembrokeshire Coast south west of the opening to Milford Haven estuary, in the south west tip of Wales, U.K.

Project Timeline: 

See the Wave Dragon Pre-Commercial Demonstration Project for technology history.


Surveys have been taken of the Milla Fjord site during 2013, 2014 and 2018. Side scan multi bean sonar, ship-based ACDP water column data, and a range of radar and acoustic profiles have been taken. Physical sampling was also taken. Geophysical data was taken at all surveys and comparisons between the three surveys results are now being analysed to give an in-depth perspective of the dynamic nature of the Seabed.


Wave Dragon Wales Ltd have now partnered with SEACAMS2 (http://www.seacams.ac.uk/seacams2) both for further general and targeted surveys and studies. Wave Dragons Milla Fjord site has been chosen as the representative site for Wave Energy in the SEACAMS2 Coastal Observatory platform deployment and testing (http://www.seacams.ac.uk/seacams2/coastal.php.en). The Coastal Observatory, a World first in marine monitoring, will be deployed at the Milla Fjord site to collect base line data on the site and will also continue monitoring once the Wave Dragon unit is in situ.

Licensing Information: 

Grid Connection initial application made.
Proximity check to The Crown Estate Submitted and Approved.
EIA Scoping Report Submitted.

Key Environmental Issues: 

These will be drawn from the data and environmental designations of surrounding locations. However at the time of writing the site is within a proposed European Special Protection Area as (to be) designated under the European Birds Directive (as enacted into UK Law). Thus a thorough EIA / Environmental Monitoring program will be undertaken.

Wave Dragon Project - Milla Fjord Site is located in United Kingdom.

Baseline Assessment: Wave Dragon Project - Milla Fjord Site

General Description:

Data is not yet in the public record.

ReceptorStudy Description Design and Methods Results Status
  • Physical Environment

Ship based ADCP 2013, 2014 and 2018

Side scan sonar 2013, 2014 and 2018

  • Benthos

Grab samples 2014

Reports and Papers

Case Study – Wave Dragon Milford Haven Project

Feasibility and LCA for Wave Dragon platform with wind turbines

Wave Dragon - Coldward and Stormward

"Small is beautiful" - but will small WECs ever become commercial? 

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