Lohmann, K.

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Effect of magnetic pulses on Caribbean spiny lobsters: implications for magnetoreception Ernst, D., Lohmann, K. June 2016 Journal Article EMF Invertebrates
Evidence for Geomagnetic Imprinting and Magnetic Navigation in the Natal Homing of Sea Turtles Brothers, J., Lohmann, K. February 2015 Journal Article Marine Energy general EMF Reptiles
An Inherited Magnetic Map Guides Ocean Navigation in Juvenile Pacific Salmon Putman, N., et al. February 2014 Journal Article EMF Fish
Evidence for Geomagnetic Imprinting as a Homing Mechanism in Pacific Salmon Putman, N., et al. February 2013 Journal Article EMF Fish
Natal Homing and Imprinting in Sea Turtles Lohmann, K., et al. January 2013 Book Chapter Reptiles
The Magnetic Map of Hatchling Loggerhead Sea Turtles Lohmann, K., Putman, N., Lohmann, C. April 2012 Journal Article EMF Reptiles
Simulating Transoceanic Migrations of Young Loggerhead Sea Turtles: Merging Magnetic Navigation Behavior with an Ocean Circulation Model Putman, N., et al. February 2012 Journal Article EMF Reptiles
Longitude Perception and Bicoordinate Magnetic Maps in Sea Turtles Putman, N., et al. March 2011 Journal Article EMF Reptiles
Geomagnetic Imprinting: A Unifying Hypothesis of Long-Distance Natal Homing in Salmon and Sea Turtles Lohmann, K., Putman, N., Lohmann, C. December 2008 Journal Article EMF Fish, Reptiles
Compatibility of Magnetic Imprinting and Secular Variation Putman, N., Lohmann, K. July 2008 Journal Article EMF Fish, Marine Mammals, Reptiles
Magnetic Maps in Animals: Nature's GPS Lohmann, K., Lohmann, C., Putman, N. July 2007 Journal Article EMF Invertebrates, Birds, Reptiles
Magnetic Orientation and Navigation in Marine Turtles, Lobsters, and Molluscs: Concepts and Conundrums Cain, S., et al. January 2005 Journal Article EMF Invertebrates, Reptiles
Use of Multiple Orientation Cues by Juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta Avens, L., Lohmann, K. August 2003 Journal Article EMF Reptiles
True Navigation and Magnetic Maps in Spiny Lobsters Boles, L., Lohmann, K. January 2003 Journal Article EMF Invertebrates
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