Windy Business: Exploring a Local Wind Power Project in Germany


Title: Windy Business: Exploring a Local Wind Power Project in Germany
Authors: Dennis, K.
Publication Date:
June 02, 2017
Thesis Type: Master's Thesis
Academic Department: Sustainable Development
Pages: 48

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Dennis, K. (2017). Windy Business: Exploring a Local Wind Power Project in Germany. Master's Thesis, Uppsala University.

The need for a sustainable energy supply is widely recognized, as formulated under goal 7 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, on the local level problems may arise with the implementation of renewable energy systems, such as wind power. Issues around visual intrusion of the landscape, noise and shadow flicker, and concerns over wildlife protections are often in the heart of local resistance to wind power projects. The aim of this thesis is to closely examine the developments for wind power in the city of Euskirchen in Germany, including the planning and decision making processes, with regards to milestones and obstacles encountered over the last two decades. The analysis applies the methodology of a qualitative case study. Furthermore, views and opinions of involved and affected parties are collected through semi-structured interviews, and analysed through the lenses of social acceptance and public participation. Finally, from the examination of the planning and decision making processes and the discovered local attitudes towards wind energy, recommendations will be formulated to guide future wind power developments in the region.

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