Windpower and reindeer


Title: Windpower and reindeer
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March 30, 2018
Document Number: Report 6799
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Strand, O.; Colman, J.; Eftestøl, S.; Sandström, P.; Skarin, A.; Thomassen, J. (2018). Windpower and reindeer. Report by Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), University of Oslo, and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. pp.


This report is in Swedish


In this report, we have summarized existing knowledge about the effects of wind power on reindeer. The effects of technical installations and disturbance in general and the effects of wind power plants in particular have been studied by different research groups. Their efforts have improved our knowledge about the effects of such installations on reindeer and reindeer husbandry. In some cases, various projects reported contrasting results. We have tried to explain the results from the respective investigations.

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