Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines


Title: Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines
Authors: Letcher, T.
Publication Date:
May 19, 2017
Pages: 622
Publisher: Academic Press

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Letcher, T. (2017). Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines Academic Press.

Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines is the most advanced, up-to-date and research-focused text on all aspects of wind energy engineering. Wind energy is pivotal in global electricity generation and for achieving future essential energy demands and targets. In this fast moving field this must-have edition starts with an in-depth look at the present state of wind integration and distribution worldwide, and continues with a high-level assessment of the advances in turbine technology and how the investment, planning, and economic infrastructure can support those innovations. Each chapter includes a research overview with a detailed analysis and new case studies looking at how recent research developments can be applied. Written by some of the most forward-thinking professionals in the field and giving a complete examination of one of the most promising and efficient sources of renewable energy, this book is an invaluable reference into this cross-disciplinary field for engineers.


Key Features:

  • Contains analysis of the latest high-level research and explores real world application potential in relation to the developments
  • Uses system international (SI) units and imperial units throughout to appeal to global engineers
  • Offers new case studies from a world expert in the field
  • Covers the latest research developments in this fast moving, vital subject


  • Part I: Introduction
    • Chapter 1 - Why Wind Energy? (T. Letcher​)
  • Part II: Wind Resource and Wind Energy Worldwide
    • Chapter 2 - Wind Power Fundamentals (A. Kalmikov)
    • Chapter 3 - Estimation of Wind Energy Potential and Prediction of Wind Power (J. Shi & E. Erdem)
    • Chapter 4 - Global Potential for Wind-Generated Electricity (X. Lu & M. McElroy)
    • Chapter 5 - The Future of Wind Energy Development in China (P. Guo et al.)
    • Chapter 6 - Wind Power in the German System - Research and Development for the Transition Toward a Sustainable Energy Future (M. Luther et al.)
  • Part III: Wind Turbine Technology
    • Chapter 7 - History of Harnessing Wind Power (M. Ragheb)
    • Chapter 8 - Wind Turbine Technologies (A. Hansen)
    • Chapter 9 - Aerodynamics and Design of Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines (M. Hansen)
    • Chapter 10 - Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: Farm and Turbine Design (R. Whittlesey)
    • Chapter 11 - Multielement Airfoils for Wind Turbines (A. Ragheb & M. Selig)
    • Chapter 12 - Civil Engineering Aspects of a Wind Farm and Wind Turbine Structures (S. Bhattacharya)
    • Chapter 13 - Civil Engineering Challenges Associated With Design of Offshore Wind Turbines With Special Reference to China (S. Bhattacharya et al.)
    • Chapter 14 - Numerical Methods for SSI Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations (S. Lopez-Querol et al.)
    • Chapter 15 - Reliability of Wind Turbines (S. Sheng and R. O’Connor)
    • Chapter 16 - Practical Method to Estimate Foundation Stiffness for Design of Offshore Wind Turbines (S. Jalbi et al.)
    • Chapter 17 - Physical Modeling of Offshore Wind Turbine Model for Prediction of Prototype Response (D. Lombardi et al.)
  • Part IV: Generation of Electricity
    • Chapter 18 - Energy and Carbon Intensities of Stored Wind Energy (C. Barnhart)
    • Chapter 19 - Small-Scale Wind Turbines (P. James and A. Bahaj)
    • Chapter 20 - Integration Into National Grids (J. Weiss and T. Tsuchida)
  • Part V: Environmental Impacts of Wind Energy
  • Part VI: Financial Modeling/Wind Economics
    • Chapter 25 - Economics of Wind Power Generation (M. Ragheb)
  • Part VII: Investment, Growth Trends, and the Future of Wind Energy 
    • Chapter 26 - Growth Trends and the Future of Wind Energy (L. Fried et al.)
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