A Vehicle-Mounted Radar for Dual-Purpose Monitoring of Birds

Journal Article

Title: A Vehicle-Mounted Radar for Dual-Purpose Monitoring of Birds
Publication Date:
September 01, 2003
Journal: Wildlife Society Bulletin
Volume: 31
Issue: 3
Pages: 882-886

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Harmata, A.; Leighty, G.; O'Neil, E. (2003). A Vehicle-Mounted Radar for Dual-Purpose Monitoring of Birds. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 31(3), 882-886.

Development of wind-power resources in the western United States is increasing, and additional sites are proposed or under consideration. Considerable avian mortality induced by older wind-energy developments has increased scrutiny and review of proposed projects with respect to impacts on wildlife. Although more recent studies indicated that avian mortality induced by state-of-the-art wind farms was substantially less, their contribution to cumulative impacts to birds may be cause for concern.  The United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the wind-power industry nor recommend pre- and post-development monitoring of wind-resource areas to manage impacts to natural resources, especially birds and bats.

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