UK Marine Special Areas of Conservation Project

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European Commission (2001). UK Marine Special Areas of Conservation Project. Retrieved from

The requirements of the EC Habitats Directive to set up protected areas in the marine environment presents new challenges for wildlife conservation. The Project aims to develop approaches and techniques to the management and monitoring of the marine SACs. Specifically the project aims to:

  • Establish operational management schemes on a selection of 12 marine SACs around the UK, working with relevant authorities and other local partners
  • Share best practice on developing appropriate management schemes
  • Gather existing knowledge and improve our understanding on
    • the dynamics and sensitivity of marine features
    • impact of human activities on marine features
    • practical techniques for monitoring and accessing the condition of these features
  • Raise awareness in the UK and Europe for the value of marine SACs and the means by which they may be safeguarded

All information generated by the Project can be accessed through this site as either individual pages of html or as PDF files of complete reports.

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