Symposium Sound Solutions Report


Title: Symposium Sound Solutions Report
Publication Date:
February 10, 2012
Pages: 14

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The North Sea Foundation (2012). Symposium Sound Solutions Report. Report by North Sea Foundation. pp 14.

The North Sea Foundation wants to thank all participants for their proactive and creative input during our symposium Sound Solutions. We received a lot of positive feedback from many participants, especially on the large variety of experts from different nationalities at one venue, set-up of the day and the positive atmosphere. There were 80 participants of different countries: the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and even South Africa.


There were a lot of different experts from a.o. construction companies, energy companies, universities, research companies, underwater acoustics, ngo’s, developers and consultancies. Together we made it a successful day!


In this report, we give a short impression of the day, summarise the several presentations, and give an overview of the input we collected during the afternoon workshops.

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