Sustainable deployment of Marine Current Energy in Indonesia

Conference Paper

Title: Sustainable deployment of Marine Current Energy in Indonesia
Publication Date:
May 18, 2015
Conference Name: OCEANS 2015
Conference Location: Genoa, Italy
Pages: 5
Publisher: IEEE

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Ramachandran, R.; Takagi, K. (2015). Sustainable deployment of Marine Current Energy in Indonesia. Paper Presented at the OCEANS 2015, Genoa, Italy.

Marine Current Energy Generation (MCEG) is a new technology that can produce emission-free electricity by using the velocity of sea currents. This paper explores possible environmental, social and environmental impacts of MCEG in Indonesia, a developing country that is currently facing a shortage of electricity. Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is used to conduct an integrated assessment using different indicators of sustainability and to capture the view of the various local stakeholders, as stakeholder engagement is crucial for sustainability. Results show that all the stakeholder groups prefer MCEG to fulfill their electricity needs rather than the current method of diesel electricity generation. However, the people would prefer the electricity from MCEG to be cheaper than the current tariff paid by them. The environmental impacts also need to be scrutinized further, while the society needs to be sensitized for the successful introduction of MCEG to Indonesia.

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