Sediment Transport Patterns at Trafalgar Offshore Windfarm

Journal Article

Title: Sediment Transport Patterns at Trafalgar Offshore Windfarm
Authors: Besio, G.; Losada, M.
Publication Date:
May 01, 2008
Journal: Ocean Engineering
Volume: 35
Number: 7
Pages: 653-665
Publisher: Elsevier

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Besio, G.; Losada, M. (2008). Sediment Transport Patterns at Trafalgar Offshore Windfarm. Ocean Engineering, 35, 653-665.

A simple analytical model of wave propagation has been developed in order to study the potential sediment transport patterns due to the action of currents and waves in the neighborhood of cylindrical structures as well inside a group of these structures. The attention is focused on the study of Trafalgar offshore windfarm, a case in which it has been necessary to analyze the flow through porous structures in order to model fish growing-cages planned to be installed at each aerogenerator structure. The results are obtained by averaging over one period of wave in order to evaluate the net potential sediment transport. The analysis of the results reveals how the processes of wave diffraction and reflection give rise to periodic patterns of sediment transport around and between the structures.

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