Proposed Yarram Wind Farm Bird Utilisation Survey


Title: Proposed Yarram Wind Farm Bird Utilisation Survey
Publication Date:
May 01, 2006
Document Number: Report No. 6065 (1.1)
Pages: 29
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Al-Dabbagh, K.; Lane, B. (2006). Proposed Yarram Wind Farm Bird Utilisation Survey. pp 29.

Brett Lane and Associates Pty Ltd was engaged by Synergy Wind Pty Ltd to undertake a bird utilisation survey at its proposed Yarram Wind Farm site about 12 km northwest of Yarram, in South Gippsland. The proposed wind farm site is a single rural holding used mainly for cattle grazing. The total area of the property involved is approximately 120 ha. This investigation was focussed on a study area that included the wind turbine layout on the hilltops and elevated areas across the property. This report summarises the results of the survey and it is divided into the sections described below.


Section 2 describes the proposed windfarm site;


Section 3 presents the results of the bird utilisation survey;


Section 4 discusses the significance of the proposed wind farm site for birds; and


Section 5 considers the implications of the survey findings. This investigation was undertaken by a team comprising:

  • Khalid Al-Dabbagh, Field Ecologist & Ornithologist; and
  • Brett Lane, Principal Consultant.
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