Prediction of Far Field Noise from Wind Energy Farms


Title: Prediction of Far Field Noise from Wind Energy Farms
Publication Date:
April 01, 1986
Document Number: NAS 1.26:177956
Pages: 21

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Shepherd, K.; Hubbard, H. (1986). Prediction of Far Field Noise from Wind Energy Farms. Report by Bionetics Corporation and College of William and Mary. pp 21.

Included in this paper are a review of the basic physical factors involved in making predictions of wind turbine noise; and an approach which allows for differences in the machines, the wind energy farm configurations and propagation conditions. Example calculations are presented to illustrate the sensitivity of the radiated noise to such variables as machine size, spacing and numbers; and such atmosphere variables as absorption (relative humidity and temperature) and wind direction. Calculated far field distances to particular sound level contours are greater for lower values of atmospheric absorption, for a larger total number of machines, for additional rows of machines and for more powerful machines. At short and intermediate distances, higher sound pressure levels are calculated for closer machine spacings, for more powerful machines, for longer row lengths and for closer row spacings.

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