North Lowther Energy Initiative Bat Survey Report


Title: North Lowther Energy Initiative Bat Survey Report
Authors: Cooke, L.
Publication Date:
May 09, 2017
Pages: 31
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Cooke, L. (2017). North Lowther Energy Initiative Bat Survey Report. Report by MacArthur Green. pp 31.

These surveys were undertaken to inform the ecological assessment for the North Lowther Energy Initiative Environmental Impact Assessment. This report presents the results of the bat survey work undertaken 18th May and 15th September 2015 (inclusive) at the site. Fat bat species were recorded during the temporal spatial surveys: common pipistrelles (Pipistrellus pipistrellus), soprano pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pygmaeus), Nyctalus Pipistrelle, Myotis and possible Nathusius' pipistrelle (Pipistrellus nathusii). The daytime inspection recorded two properties at Duntercleuch House and Clackleith with bat roost potential. The Bat Activity Index (BAI) for all species is considered to be low for the Development Area.

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