Marine Energy: More than Just a Drop in the Ocean?


Title: Marine Energy: More than Just a Drop in the Ocean?
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January 01, 2008
Pages: 28
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Armstrong, J.; Consultancy, F. (2008). Marine Energy: More than Just a Drop in the Ocean?. Report by Institution of Mechanical Engineers. pp 28.

This report focuses on barriers for commercializing the marine energy market in Scotland along with the current and future funding of marine energy projects, as well as recommendations on how this important renewable energy resource can best be developed and supported to provide for Scotland’s energy future. Extensive research and consultation with marine energy device developers, investors and governmental organizations highlighted four key challenges to successful commercialization: Technology, Funding, Skills, and Grid Capacity. In response to these challenges, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers developed recommendations for the Scottish Government and other stakeholders. The aim of this paper is to combine research on the current state of the marine energy enterprise in Scotland with consultation with key players, to provide impartial policy recommendations to the Scottish Government. Specifically, the objectives are to: provide a brief overview of the energy challenge and the political response to this; provide an overview of the renewable industry in Scotland, with particular focus on the opportunity that marine energy presents; outline the public funding available for marine energy enterprise; and undertake cross-enterprise stakeholder consultation on barriers to commercialization, the effectiveness of policy and public funding, and the enterprise requirements for skills and education.

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