Klondike III Wind Project: Habitat Mitigation Plan


Title: Klondike III Wind Project: Habitat Mitigation Plan
Publication Date:
November 16, 2007
Pages: 5
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Oregon Department of Energy (2007). Klondike III Wind Project: Habitat Mitigation Plan. pp 5.

This plan describes methods and standards for enhancement of an area of land near the Klondike III Wind Project (KWP) to mitigate for the permanent impacts of the KWP on wildlife habitat. The certificate holder shall enhance the mitigation site as described in this plan and shall place the site into a conservation easement for the life of the KWP facility. The objective of the enhancement methods is to improve the habitat value of the mitigation area and to protect the area for wildlife use for the life of the facility.


This plan has been prepared to guide the habitat enhancement efforts. The plan specifies monitoring procedures to evaluate enhancement success and recommended remediation if enhancement is unsuccessful in any part of the mitigation site.

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