Impacts of Wind Energy on Environment: A Review

Journal Article

Title: Impacts of Wind Energy on Environment: A Review
Authors: Wang, S.; Wang, S.
Publication Date:
September 01, 2015
Journal: Renewable and Substantial Energy Reviews
Volume: 49
Pages: 437-443
Publisher: Elsevier

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Wang, S.; Wang, S. (2015). Impacts of Wind Energy on Environment: A Review. Renewable and Substantial Energy Reviews, 49, 437-443.

Wind power is increasingly being used worldwide as an important contribution to renewable energy. The development of wind power may lead to unexpected environmental impacts. This paper systematically reviews the available evidence on the impacts of wind energy on environments in terms of noise pollution, bird and bat fatalities, greenhouse gas emissions, and land surface impacts. We conclude that wind energy has an important role to play in future energy generation, but more effort should be devoted to studying the overall environmental impacts of wind power, so that society can make informed decisions when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of particular wind power development.

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