The Impacts of Chinese Wind Farms on Climate

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Title: The Impacts of Chinese Wind Farms on Climate
Publication Date:
May 27, 2018
Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres
Volume: 123
Issue: 10
Pages: 5177-5187
Publisher: American Geophysical Union
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Sun, H.; Luo, Y.; Zhao, Z.; Chang, R. (2018). The Impacts of Chinese Wind Farms on Climate. Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 123(10), 5177-5187.

As a renewable energy resource, wind energy has developed fast in recent years, and its impacts on climate have received widespread attention. In this study, a new wind farm fleet scenario is designed based on Chinese wind farm data from the Chinese Wind Energy Association and Chinese cumulative wind power capacity data from the Global Wind Energy Council. A mesoscale numerical model is used to simulate the impacts of wind farms on climate. The results indicate that the wind farms in the designed scenario could impact the local and regional climate in China, causing changes in both lower-level atmosphere (changes within 0.5K for 2-m temperature) and upper-level atmosphere (changes within 30m(2)/s(2) for 500-hPa geopotential height) over several specific areas. The momentum sink and the turbulent kinetic energy source generated by wind farms are first separated to evaluate their respective contributions to the impacts of wind farms on climate. 

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