Environmental Scoping Report Westray South Tidal Array


Title: Environmental Scoping Report Westray South Tidal Array
Authors: SSE Renewables
Publication Date:
October 01, 2011
Pages: 259
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SSE Renewables (2011). Environmental Scoping Report Westray South Tidal Array. Report by Royal Haskoning and SSE Group. pp 259.

SSER is seeking a Scoping Opinion for the proposed Westray South tidal array from the Scottish Ministers under Section 7 of the Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment)(Scotland) Regulations 2000. Comment is also sought and welcomed from other stakeholders with an interest in the proposed development.


This Scoping Report has been produced by Royal Haskoning and Aquatera in line with relevant guidance and recent consultation with Marine Scotland, its advisory bodies and other key stakeholders. A description of the proposed development along with SSER’s proposed approach to the EIA and NRA is provided.

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