Assessing the Impacts of Wind Farms on Birds

Journal Article

Title: Assessing the Impacts of Wind Farms on Birds
Publication Date:
March 27, 2006
Journal: IBIS The International Journal of Avian Science
Volume: 148
Pages: 29-42
Publisher: Wiley

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Drewitt, A.; Langston, R. (2006). Assessing the Impacts of Wind Farms on Birds. IBIS The International Journal of Avian Science, 148, 29-42.

This paper discusses mitigation measures and the effects of the increase in wind farms on birds. It explores what impact assessments should be made along with recent developments in monitoring strategy. In addition, the paper also examines recent developments in the U.K with regard to this issue and looks at several key research areas. These areas include collision mortality/risk, displacement due to disturbance, barrier effects, habitat changes and loss, etc.


More information is needed on the overall effects of wind farms on bird populations. However, there is little doubt that wind farms will have adverse affects if not completed properly by failing to avoid existing sensitive bird populations. Spatial and demographic models are needed to determine the effects of individual wind farms. Meanwhile, maintaining safe mitigation practices is essential for wind farm safety. Some measures to maintain include avoiding key conservation areas, timing construction to avoid sensitive periods, employing on – site ecologist during construction, etc.

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