Appendix E-1 LimnoTech Report - Results of 2016 Aquatic Sampling


Title: Appendix E-1 LimnoTech Report - Results of 2016 Aquatic Sampling
Authors: LimnoTech
Publication Date:
March 09, 2017
Document Number: DOE/EA-2045
Pages: 66

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LimnoTech (2017). Appendix E-1 LimnoTech Report - Results of 2016 Aquatic Sampling. Report by LimnoTech. pp 66.

This document is Appendix E-1 from the Final Environmental Assessment LEEDCo Project Icebreaker Lake Erie, City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The proposed Icebreaker Wind demonstration project will include installation of six wind turbines, 8 to 10 miles offshore of Cleveland, Ohio in the Central Basin of Lake Erie. The turbines will be placed in water depths ranging from 58 feet to 63 feet, each with a nameplate capacity of 3.45 megawatts (MW) for a total generating capacity of 20.7 MW. The facility is expected to operate for approximately 8,200 hours annually, and have an approximate capacity factor of 41.1%, generating approximately 75,000 megawatt- hours (MWh) of electricity each year. A 2.3-mile buried electric cable will connect the six turbines, and an approximate 9.3-mile buried electric cable will connect the turbines to the Cleveland Public Power Lake Road substation. 


The purpose of this report is to document the field methods, results, and analysis carried out in 2016 to support the Icebreaker Wind project. LimnoTech, under contract to Icebreaker Windpower, Inc., led a multi-disciplinary team of researchers to collect site specific data at the site of and in the vicninity of the proposed Offshore Wind (OSW) demonstration project in Lake Erie. The report includes the following major sections:

  • Project introduction (Section 1)
  • Sampling methods (Section 2)
  • Results and discussion (Section 3)
  • Conclusion (Section 4)
  • References (Section 5)
  • Appendices
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