Altamont: Public Perceptions of a Wind Energy Landscape

Book Chapter

Title: Altamont: Public Perceptions of a Wind Energy Landscape
Publication Date:
January 01, 1987
Volume: 14
Pages: 379-398
Publisher: Elsevier

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Thayer, R.; Freeman, C. (1987). Altamont: Public Perceptions of a Wind Energy Landscape. (pp. 379-398). Elsevier.

The Altamont Pass area of Northern California is one of the two largest wind energy developments in the world. Over six thousand wind turbines between the cities of Tracy and Livermore present the unfamiliar viewer with a startling new landscape unlike anything seen before. This research examines public response to the Altamont Wind Energy Development. A questionnaire accompanied by objectively chosen, representative photographs of the area was sent to six hundred subjects, approximately half of whom lived within ten miles of Altamont. The other half lived approximately fifty miles away in a similar landscape setting with no wind turbines.

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