Featured Conferences and Workshops

Tethys, OES-Environmental, and WREN have formed several partnerships with groups sponsoring conferences and workshops having focal areas in the field of the potential environmental effects of wind and marine renewable energy development. These global partnerships have resulted in the dissemination of information and content presented at various conferences and workshops. If your group is interested in having material hosted on Tethys, please email tethys@pnnl.gov.

Below is a list of past conferences and workshops, containing video/audio files of the presentations, Q&A sessions, and posters when available.

Sponsored By Title Date Location Description
OES-Environmental/ORJIP Workshop OES-Environmental/ORJIP Workshop: Environmental Effects and Risk Retirement for MRE December 4, 2019 Sydney, Australia

OES-Environmental and ORJIP held a workshop in Australia that presented the state of the science on environmental effects of marine renewable energy (MRE) and discussed risk retirement for key environmental effects of MRE devices on marine animals and the marine environment, focusing on risk retirement for underwater noise and EMF.

OES-Environmental Workshop Retiring Risk for MRE Projects to Support Permitting September 11, 2019 Portland, Oregon, USA

OES-Environmental held a workshop on retiring risks of effects on marine animals from underwater noise from marine energy devices. This workshop was held in Portland, Oregon (USA) as part of OREC 2019.

OES-Environmental/ORJIP Workshop Retiring Risks of MRE Environmental Interactions to Support Consenting/Permitting September 5, 2019 Napoli, Italy

This workshop was led by OES-Environmental and ORJIP to examine pathways for determining data needs, monitoring requirements, and possible mitigation measures for working towards retiring risks of EMF and underwater noise for consenting small installations of tidal turbines and wave energy converters. the workshop was held and the collusion of EWTEC in Napoli, Italy. Prior to the workshop, registered participants were asked to read documents that explained the process of the risk retirement pathway, the process of the risk retirement pathway, and studies related to the underwater noise and electromagnetic field (EMF) stressors.

Annex IV Workshop Addressing Collision Risks from Tidal and River Turbines February 26, 2019 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Annex IV held a workshop in Edinburgh, UK for a group of marine renewable energy stakeholders to assess the status of addressing collision risk from tidal and river turbines and develop project plans to help manage the risks. The State of the Science pertaining to marine mammals and fish, and results from different integrated monitoring systems and observations from deployed devices were presented.

Annex IV/ORJIP Workshop Annex IV Data Transferability and Collection Consistency (ICOE) June 12, 2018 Cherbourg-Octeville, France

This workshop was held around the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) and brought together marine renewable energy (MRE) researchers, developers, and regulators to discuss ways to “transfer” data, information, and learning on environmental effects from early MRE projects to extend learning from these early projects and to reduce the high costs of environmental monitoring and accelerate consenting for future projects.

Annex IV/ORJIP Workshop Case Studies on Social and Economic Effects around MRE Development April 23, 2018 Kirkwall, UK

This workshop was held around the Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewables (EIMR) 2018 Conference in Kirkwall, Orkney. This workshop built on the Exploring the State of Understanding and Practice used to Assess Social and Economic Risks and Benefits of Marine Renewable Energy Development Workshop held around the EWTEC conference in Cork, Ireland in August 2017 with the aim to bring together regulators, stakeholders, industry, and researchers to examine the social and economic effects and benefits of MRE developments and how these should best be considered during the consenting process for projects, as well as at a higher strategic level.

Annex IV Workshop Collision Risk for Marine Mammals and Tidal Turbines February 22, 2016 Edinburgh, UK

A one-day workshop was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, bringing together regulators, marine energy researchers and industry representatives, to identify the key challenges within the consenting process regarding collision risk for marine wildlife with tidal turbines and to produce a coordinated action plan.

Annex IV/Nova Scotia Power/Acadia University Workshop Annex IV Workshop: Environmental Monitoring, Regulatory Needs & Scientific Capabilities November 1, 2014 Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

This one-day workshop was held in Wolfville Nova Scotia, bringing together regulators, marine energy researchers, and industry representatives, to determine what data are needed by regulators, and what data can resaonably be collected by researchers, to assist with siting and permitting (consenting) or marine energy devices.

Annex IV Workshop Annex IV Experts Workshop 2010 September 27, 2010 Dublin, Ireland

This workshop was held October 15, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin Convention Centre). The meeting was held under the International Energy Agency's implementing agreement on Ocean Energy Systems and collaboration with the Department of Energy. The workshop brought 55 technical experts from 9 nations to provide input on Annex IV activities.