Annex IV Workshop: Environmental Monitoring, Regulatory Needs & Scientific Capabilities


Title: Annex IV Workshop: Environmental Monitoring, Regulatory Needs & Scientific Capabilities
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: November 1, 2014
9:00-15:00 UTC-03:00
Technology Type:

Annex IV Workshop

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

November 1, 2014



A one-day workshop was held in Wolfville Nova Scotia, bringing together regulators, marine energy researchers, and industry representatives, to determine what data are needed and what data can be collected, to assist with siting and permitting (consenting) or marine energy devices. The workshop was co-sponsored by the IEA Ocean Energy System's Annex IV, The Acadia Tidal Energy Institute, and Nova Scotia Energy.



Regulators in all nations need to assure that the deployment and operation of wave and tidal devices do not cause unacceptable harm to the marine environment and the animals that live there, particularly fish and marine mammals. There are many potential interactions that have been documented for other industries, and the level of risk has been evaluated (e.g., effects of anchors; chemical coatings for biofouling and corrosion). These risks may or may not also occur with marine energy devices, however our level of understanding does not warrant new and expensive monitoring instruments and techniques as the existing information is readily transferred. New technologies and device components developed for marine energy create potential new interactions with animals and habitats for which there are no data; these interactions provide the greatest concerns and risk for regulatory approval. Baseline data on site characterization and use by animals is limited for sites where wave and tidal development is desirable. The scientific community is currently focused on adapting instruments and techniques to gather data in high-energy environments, including observations of animals in close proximity to devices.


Speaker Presentation Materials

The final report is also available here.


A video recording of the webinar has been posted below:

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