Dadswell, M.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Diversity, abundance and size structure of fishes and invertebrates captured by an intertidal fishing weir at Bramber, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia Dadswell, M., Spares, A., Porter, E. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Fish
Longā€term effect of a tidal, hydroelectric propeller turbine on the populations of three anadromous fish species Dadswell, M., Spares, A., McIean, M. Journal Article Tidal, Marine Energy Collision, Avoidance Pelagic Fish, Fish, Demersal Fish
Atlantic Sturgeon Spatial and Temporal Distribution in Minas Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada, a Region of Future Tidal Energy Extraction Stokesbury, M., Logan-Chesney, L., McLean, M. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Fish
A Review of the Status of Atlantic Sturgeon in Canada, with Comparisons to Populations in the United States and Europe Dadswell, M. Journal Article Fish, Demersal Fish
Macrotidal Estuaries: A Region of Collision Between Migratory Marine Animals and Tidal Power Development Dadswell, M., Rulifson, R. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Collision Fish, Demersal Fish, Pelagic Fish, Marine Mammals
Potential Impact of Large-Scale Tidal Power Developments in the Upper Bay of Fundy on Fisheries Resources of the Northwest Atlantic Dadswell, M., Rulifson, R., Daborn, G. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Fish, Pelagic Fish, Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Update on the Marine Environmental Consequences of Tidal Power Development in the Upper Reaches of the Bay of Fundy Gordon, D., Dadswell, M. Report Tidal, Marine Energy Physical Environment