Underwater Noise Evidence Base

As part of the risk retirement process, OES-Environmental has developed "evidence bases" for several key stressors. The evidence bases are lists of key research papers and monitoring reports for each stressor that support risk retirement for small numbers of MRE devices. The evidence bases have been reviewed by international subject matter experts at conferences and online workshops as part of OES-Environmental's outreach and engagement strategy.

The evidence base for underwater noise was presented during workshops at EWTEC 2019, at OREC 2019, and in Australia in 2019. Additional information on underwater noise can be found on the Tethys Knowledge Base and in Chapter 4 of the 2020 State of the Science Report.

Title Author Date Content Type Technology Receptor
Assessing underwater noise levels during pile-driving at an offshore windfarm and its potential effects on marine mammals Bailey, H.; Senior, B.; Simmons, D.; Rusin, J.; Picken, G.; Thompson, P. 2010 Journal Article Offshore Wind Marine Mammals
Sediment-generated noise and bed stress in a tidal channel Bassett, C.; Thomson, J.; Polagye, B. 2013 Journal Article Marine Energy (General), Tidal  
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Characterizing large river sounds: Providing context for understanding the environmental effects of noise produced by hydrokinetic turbines Bevelhimer, M.; Deng, D.; Scherelis, C. 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy (General), Riverine  
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Discussion of the effects of the underwater noise radiated by a wave energy device - Portugal Cruz, E.; Simas, T.; Kasanen, E. 2015 Conference Paper Marine Energy (General), Wave Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Underwater noise modelling for Environmental Impact Assessment Farcas, A.; Thompson, P.; Merchant, N. 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy (General), Offshore Wind Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
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Modelling the propagation of underwater acoustic signals of a marine energy device using Finite Element Method Ikpekha, O.; Soberon, F.; Daniels, S. 2014 Conference Paper Marine Energy (General)  
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2018 Revision to: Technical guidance for assessing the effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammal hearing (Version 2.0) - Underwater thresholds for onset of permanent and temporary threshold shifts National Marine Fisheries Service 2018 Report   Marine Mammals
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Marine mammal behavioral response to tidal turbine sound Polagye, B.; Wood, J.; Robertson, F.; Joslin, J.; Joy, R. 2018 Report Marine Energy (General), Tidal Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
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