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Aqua Renewable Energy Technologies (Aqua-RET)

Study Status: 
Princple Investigator Contact Information: 

Name: David Murphy (project coordinator)

Email: david@aquatt.ie

Project Description: 

Through e-learning modules using the latest multimedia tools, the user is informed about the existing marine renewable energy technologies, how aquatic renewable energy technologies work, how they fit into the landscape and how they benefit the economy.


The expected outcomes of the Aqua-RET project are a unit of e-learning modules, available online or on CD-ROM, supported by complimentary educational posters based on the aquatic renewable energy technologies (waves, wind offshore, current, tidal barrage, impoundment, and run of river), to be used by all groups with interest for aquatic renewable energy.

Funding Source: 

EU funded project, Leonardo da Vinci program.

Location of Research: 

Several European countries: Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Scotland, Ireland, and Portugal.

Key Findings: 

A set of postes. Check http://www.aquaret.com/

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