Wind Turbine Acoustic Standards

Conference Paper

Title: Wind Turbine Acoustic Standards
Publication Date:
May 01, 1981
Pages: 431-434
Publisher: NASA and the Department of Energy

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Shepherd, K.; Stephens, D.; Grosveld, F. (1981). Wind Turbine Acoustic Standards.

The development of wind turbines that are acoustically acceptable to the community requires an understanding of the human perception of and response to wind turbine noise and any noise-induced building vibrations resulting from turbine operation. This paper discusses a program to develop noise standards for wind turbines, a program that minimizes annoyance and that can be used in design specifications. The approach consisted of presenting wind turbine noise stimuli to test subjects in a laboratory listening chamber. The responses of subjects were recorded for a range of stimuli that encompassed the design, operating conditions, and ambient noise levels of current and future installations. Results to date established the threshold of detectability for a range of impulsive stimuli of the type associated with blade/tower-wake interactions. The thrust of the program was to develop the psycho- physical functions relating human response to each of the wind turbine noise components, such as "thumping" and "swishing." The general use of these psycho-physical relationships was intended to guide the designer/operator in pinpointing the exact frequency components and, hence, source mechanisms that cause problems with wind turbine operations.

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