Variability of UK Marine Resources


Title: Variability of UK Marine Resources
Authors: Carbon Trust
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July 01, 2005
Pages: 93
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Carbon Trust (2005). Variability of UK Marine Resources. Report by Carbon Trust and Environmental Change Institute (ECI). pp 93.

The development of a viable marine and tidal power programme in the United Kingdom requires a coordinated approach - coordination between developers and industry, between planners and network operators, between financiers and market policies that support the marine and tidal power sector.


Above all, success in the wave and tidal power sector means generating meaningful and reliable amounts of electricity that help satisfy electricity demand. The ability to supply electricity at all times of peak demand in a reliable and predictable manner will be necessary for the sector to truly succeed.


To achieve this aim, the patterns of energy availability from different wave and tidal power regions around the UK need to be understood. This report provides a detailed insight into the regional characteristics of their resources, examines the opportunities available for diversification within marine renewables to reduce the supply variability, and assesses the impact of marine renewable electricity generation on the net electricity demand pattern experienced by the network. Strategies to reduce the variability of marine renewables at a national and regional level are examined, and the impact of these strategies quantified.


Planning a diversified renewables strategy will provide a more reliable renewable energy supply - understanding the resource is central to that planning.


Acknowledgement: This article was identified by the Crown Estate Wave and Tidal Knowledge Network.

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