Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Offshore Windfarms

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Title: Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Offshore Windfarms
Publication Date:
November 01, 2010
Book Title: Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Offshore Windfarms
Pages: 138

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Collaborative Offshore Wind Research Into The Environment; Huddleston, J. (2010). Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Offshore Windfarms. Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Offshore Windfarms (pp. 138). :.

Published in hardback in 2010 by COWRIE, full colour front to back, 138pp, ISBN: 9780956584380, this book is both a record of the achievements of COWRIE (Collaborative Offshore Wind Research into the Environment) and a celebration of the co-operation across the UK renewables industry in the learning process. In December 2000, the UK's first offshore windfarm was opened and since those first two turbines were installed, we have come a long way and learned many thing as an industry. COWRIE has been an integral part of the shared learning since its formation in 2005 when we set our charitable objectives 'to advance and improve understanding and knowledge of the potential environmental impacts and benefits of offshore windfarm development in UK waters'. COWRIE has provided a unique opportunity for industry, regulators, government, nature conservation advisors and NGOs to come together in a forum to achieve consensus on the questions that could be addressed through focused environmental research. It has worked in collaboration with many different organisations helping to bring together stakeholders and interest groups to discuss issues and explore practical solutions. Contents: Acknowledgements; Foreword; COWRIE Board of Trustees; Authors; Abbreviations; Chapter 1. An Introduction to COWRIE by Dr. Carolyn Heeps; Chapter 2: Historic Environment by Christopher Pater; Chapter 3: Coastal Processes by Bill Cooper; Chapter 4: Sound Impacts by Frank Thomsen; Chapter 5: Fish and seabed communities by Gero Vella; Chapter 6: Marine Mammals by Frank Thomsen; Chapter 7: Birds by Dr. Rowena Langston, Dr. Sophy Allen and Zoe Crutchfield; Chapter 8: Marine Data and Information Management by Chris Hill; Chapter 9: Education and Communities by Dr. Carolyn Heeps and Eleanor Partridge; Annexes: Annex 1. Technical Working Groups; Annex 2. COWRIE Board Members - past and present; Annex 3. Administration and Programme Management

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