Sustainable energy in Africa: A comprehensive data andpolicies review

Journal Article

Title: Sustainable energy in Africa: A comprehensive data andpolicies review
Publication Date:
September 01, 2014
Journal: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Volume: 37
Pages: 656-686
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

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Mandelli, S.; Barbieri, J.; Mattarolo, L.; Colombo, E. (2014). Sustainable energy in Africa: A comprehensive data andpolicies review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 37, 656-686.

Achieving sustainable energy development in a region requires rational use of energy resources and technologies, and the development of appropriate policies. Three concerns are therefore required to achieve these issues: (i) to acquire a picture of the local current energy situation, (ii) to measure the state of development and the progress towards a sustainable energy system, and (iii) to have energy decision- and policy-makers fully aware of the implications on sustainable development of selected policies. It is in this perspective and in the frame of activities on sustainable energy for all and access to energy in developing countries carried out by the UNESCO Chair in Energy for Sustainable Development, that we developed this review. The objective of this paper is to depict the current energy situation of Africa by using the most up to date data, describing it as far as the concept of sustainable development is concerned, and to see if and how energy policies promoted by local players fi t with this asset. We assess the energy situation of Africa by combining (i) data, mainly by the International Energy Agency, about national energy balances for primary and electric energy, the Energy Development Index and energy resources, with (ii) a more comprehensive analysis of the African energy system, accomplished by the Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development. An overview of the energy-related policies and action plans developed by different local players in the African continent is also carried out with the goal of providing remarks by coupling such plans with the above mentioned energy analysis.

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