SNL-EFDC Model Application to Scotlandville Bend, Mississippi River


Title: SNL-EFDC Model Application to Scotlandville Bend, Mississippi River
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September 01, 2012
Pages: 25
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Barco, J.; Roberts, J.; Johnson, E.; James, S. (2012). SNL-EFDC Model Application to Scotlandville Bend, Mississippi River. Report by Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and Sea Engineering Inc. pp 25.

This work presents the modeling results for an MHK field site on the Mississippi River at Scotlandville Bend, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Potential changes to the physical environment imposed by operation of MHK turbine arrays were evaluated using the modeling platform SNL-EFDC. Three MHK-turbine array scenarios (ranging from pilot- to commercial-scale) were defined by Free Flow Power (FFP) to support their plans for future deployments. Model results with and without an MHK array for the three scenarios were compared to understand how the size of an MHK array might alter the Scotlandville Bend hydrodynamic environment. The contribution of power generation from individual turbines on a given pile and for the entire array was analyzed. A preliminary sediment shear stress and bed erosion model are also presented. However, the impacts of sediment transport will be the focus of future studies. These simulations and scenario analyses can assist cost-effective planning before proceeding to detailed siting, engineering designs, and device deployment.

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