OES GIS Map: Offshore Installations Worldwide


Title: OES GIS Map: Offshore Installations Worldwide
Publication Date:
January 01, 2014

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Ocean Energy Systems (OES) (2014). OES GIS Map: Offshore Installations Worldwide. Retrieved from https://www.ocean-energy-systems.org/ocean-energy-in-the-world/gis-map/

The goal of this OES Task is the development of an interactive web-based GIS mapping application to give interested website visitors access to detailed global information related to ocean energy. The available information comprises ocean energy facilities, resources, relevant infrastructure and relevant general geopolitical and geographical information, altogether in conjunction with the respective location and distribution on a global map.


The user of this application is able to display any combination of the provided information with the help of a point-and-click interface which runs in any common web browser without the need of installing separate software. Through the interface, you can zoom and move through the map, select items and display related information and download or print images of the displayed information as desired.

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