Ocean Science Magazine

Magazine Article

Title: Ocean Science Magazine
Publication Date:
September 01, 2019
Magazine: BOEM: Ocean Science
Volume: 16
Issue Number: 1
Pages: 16
Publisher: BOEM

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Brown, W.; Cluck, R.; Cruickshank, W.; Damour, M.; McPherson, S.; Plummer, M.; Romero, J.; Staaterman, E.; Weisskohl, M. (2019). Ocean Science Magazine. BOEM: Ocean Science 16(1), 16.


  • Conducting and Applying Acoustics Research at BOEM
  • Using Acoustics as a Tool to Study Biological and Physical Phenomena in the Ocean
  • Verifying the Physical Sources of Marine Species
  • Keeping up with the Lates Developments in Marine Acoustics
  • Spotlight on the BOEM Acoustics Team
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