Northeast Ocean Plan


Title: Northeast Ocean Plan
Publication Date:
October 14, 2016
Pages: 203

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Northeast Regional Planning Body (2016). Northeast Ocean Plan. pp 203.

Through a historic, unprecedented effort, federal, state, regional, and tribal entities—the caretakers of New England’s marine environment—have joined forces to develop this comprehensive Northeast Ocean Plan. It is a blueprint to protect and manage a public treasure together.


This Plan summarizes the ocean planning process and is a guide to informing agency decisions and practices in order to continue making progress toward achieving regional goals for the management of our public ocean resources.


This Plan recognizes that these goals and a desire to move toward an ecosystem-based approach to management must be achieved through existing legal frameworks by using the best available information and by ensuring public and scientific input in every decision. Therefore, the work is not done, and this Plan serves as the foundation for continued progress.

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