Model for Underwater Noise Radiated by Submerged Wind Turbine Towers

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Title: Model for Underwater Noise Radiated by Submerged Wind Turbine Towers
Publication Date:
June 02, 2013
Conference Name: International Congress on Acoustics
Conference Location: Montreal, Canada
Pages: 7
Publisher: Acoustical Society of America

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Hay, T.; Ilinskii, Y.; Zabolotskaya, E.; Hamilton, M. (2013). Model for Underwater Noise Radiated by Submerged Wind Turbine Towers. Paper Presented at the International Congress on Acoustics, Montreal, Canada.

Sustained tonal noise radiated by towers supporting offshore wind turbines contains energy in frequency bands that may disturb marine mammals, or interfere with passive sonar and seismic sensors and underwater communication equipment. Understanding the generation and propagation of underwater noise due to the operation of wind farms is important for determining strategies for mitigating the environmental impact of these noise sources. An analytic model based on a Green's function approach was previously developed for the sound radiated in the water column by a pulsating cylindrical structure embedded in horizontally stratified layers of viscoelastic sediment (Hay et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 130, 2558 (2011)). This model has since been adapted to include relaxation and viscous losses in seawater and empirical loss factors for the sedimentary layers. For propagation over range-dependent environments the analytic model has been coupled to a parabolic equation code. Simulations are presented for several bathymetries, sediment types, and tower array configurations.

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