Flow and Benthic Ecology 4D - FLOWBEC - An Overview

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Bell, P.; McCann, D.; Scott, B.; Williamson, B.; Waggitt, J.; Ashton, I.; Johanning, L.; Blondel, P.; Creech, A.; Ingram, D.; Norris, J.; Finn, M.; Torres, R.; Cazenave, P.; Conley, D.; Greaves, D.; Savidge, G.; Armstrong, E.; Hall, C.; Kennedy, R.; O'Carroll, J. (2014). Flow and Benthic Ecology 4D - FLOWBEC - An Overview [Presentation]. Presented at the Environmental Impact of Marine Renewables 2014, Stornoway, Scotland, UK.

FLOWBEC is a three year NERC & DEFRA funded project that aims to identify the physical conditions influencing the behaviour of fish, their predators, and benthic communities using developments in high resolution physical modelling and state of the art observation systems. The development of an understanding of these linkages and the potential changes to hydrodynamics that marine renewable energy devices might cause will provide a logical pathway to assess the environmental interaction of marine renewable energy devices and the environment.


The Extended Abstract is available here.


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