Environmental Impact of Wind Energy

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Title: Environmental Impact of Wind Energy
Publication Date:
June 01, 2011
Journal: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Volume: 15
Issue: 5
Pages: 2423-2430
Publisher: Elsevier
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Saidur, R.; Rahim, N.; Islam, M.; Solangi, K. (2011). Environmental Impact of Wind Energy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15(5), 2423-2430.

Since the beginning of industrialization, energy consumption has increased far more rapidly than the number of people on the planet. It is known that the consumption of energy is amazingly high and the fossil based resources may not be able to provide energy for the whole world as these resources will be used up in the near future. Hence, renewable energy expected to play an important role in handling the demand of the energy required along with environmental pollution prevention.


The impacts of the wind energy on the environment are important to be studied before any wind firm construction or a decision is made. Although many countries showing great interest towards renewable or green energy generation, negative perception of wind energy is increasingly evident that may prevent the installation of the wind energy in some countries. This paper compiled latest literatures in terms of thesis (MS and PhD), journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, books, and web materials about the environmental impacts of wind energy. This paper also includes the comparative study of wind energy, problems, solutions and suggestion as a result of the implementation of wind turbine. Positive and negative impacts of wind energy have been broadly explained as well. It has been found that this source of energy will reduce environmental pollution and water consumption. However, it has noise pollution, visual interference and negative impacts on wildlife.

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